ABC GBG, formerly Göteborgs solidarity group, started in its current form 2012. Since then we have especially dedicated ourselves to raising money for activists and comrades who has gotten fined, been arrested, or that has been subjected to jail time. We have organised solidarity events, parties, lectures, an annual Running Down the Walls event, and recurring letter writing evenings.

The group also actively engages in solidarity work at demonstrations; with legal information, an emergency phone number, and with being prepared to meet up outside of custody.

We have organised lectures about activist safety and digital self defence as a form of preventive work.

The activists we support are mostly anti-fascists and asylum rights activists. Activists from the autonomous left are welcome to contact us if they need support. Amounts and in what form is decided on a case-to-case basis.

To contact us, send an email to abcgbg@riseup.net (PGP key available here)