Support manifestation for detained and imprisoned comrades in S:t Petersburg and Penza!

The following is a text from Fånggruppen Syd

On Sunday, January 27th, 2019, an info event was held att Kafé 44:an in Stockholm about 10 detained and 1 imprisoned comrade in S:t Petersburg and the city of Penza south-east of Moscow.

Afterward a solidarity manifestation was held outside the russian embassy in Stockholm. The manifestation was directed mainly toward the ten now detained, but in protest against the total of torture and violence carried out on all 11 originally belonging to the case. About 15 people participated in each event. The gathered were meet by a number of police and were after a shorter turmoil forcibly removed from the entrance of the embassy to a park in the close vicinity.

The support events that took place were in solidarity of 10 previously and currently politically active anarchists and antifascists who have been detained since October 2017 and January 2018 accused of belonging to a terrorist network. The network according to russian secret security service, FSB, was planing to attack the elections of March 2018 in Russia, and the following FIFA world cup in the summer of 2018. No such reliable evidence lies at hand today. All detained have been under heavy and systematic torture and violence by FSB and all current evidence in the case has been fabricated under these circumstances.

One of the previously 11 detained has worked along to the full with the FSB after longtime torture and he has now been sentenced to 3,5 years in prison. He is not currently supported by the anarchist black cross movement in Russia.

We clearly stated during our manifestation that we support movements and activists fighting for economical, political and juridical equality. These movements and activists are under heavy pressure in Russia since 2012 and periodically also in Sweden. We stated that if there would have been planed political actions against the elections and FIFA-games, it would have been a positive thing, depending on the means of how these activities were carried out.

To further support the detained in S:t Petersburg and Penza, you can contribute with money to the support fund (bötesfonden). The support fund is run by Fånggruppen Syd, in southern Sweden. Money is transferred to ABC-Moscow (anarchist black cross) to support the detained with legal assistance, medicines and food.

Bötesfonden, solidaritetsföreningen:
Swish: 1231756618
Bankgiro: 730-1310
IBAN: SE 8000 0831 3953 4095 1580 BIC: SWEDSESS

Mark your contribution with: “russia prisoners”.

Spread the information! Get involved!

Speech held outside the Russian embassy:

“Companions, friends and listeners! We have gathered this dark and dreary evening outside the russian embassy, to show our support for ten detained politically active people in russian S:t Petersburg and Penza. They have been locked up since October 2017 for a suspected conspiracy against the elections and soccer world championship of 2018. If political action was planned to put into light the corruption and inhumane economic exploitation carried out by political and capital forces organizing these events, it would be a good thing such actions
were done.

Unfortunately so is not the case. All proof of the political actions these ten people have been locked up for has been forcibly created under heavy physical torture. The so called terrorist network has never existed. It is a fabricated case. All evidence found on the sights has
been planted.

It is said these ten people belonged to a terrorist cell with the aims to complete actions against the elections and FIFA-games. The truth is that one of the main political activities of the detained was social work delivering and gathering clothes and food for homeless.

It is said that these ten young fellows were a threat to the russian state. We say that basic social work is not a threat but a contribution to the russian society.

The claim is to sentence our ten friends and neighbors to many years in prison on charges of terrorism. The answer to this is that all factual evidence of proof which may have existed, may no longer be counted as reliable, after 16 months of electrical torture and continuous physical
violence to create evidence.

Our definite and soul purpose of gathering outside the russian embassy this evening is to send a signal to the russian authorities that the fabricated case against the ten detained should be immediately closed, all charges dropped, and economic compensation be given for 16 months of illegal detention.

We state that the security services of Sweden and Russia who are most probably closely monitoring our activities today, represent systems of demise and obliviance against basic economical, parliamentary and juridical equality for all citizens alike.

We call for you who are here in favor of the detained to be brave and not mistrust. For remember that the louder the gathered crowds yell at the ones to be hung at the gallows, the more it is actually a growing frustration against the leaders in command. A frustration that will at any given moment turn on the leaders themselves holding in the strings to the gallows.

We urge you to spread the word to friends, comrades and family to help gather support for our detained and tortured fellow neighbors. Thank you for attending today and keep up the good fight!”