Happy 1312 – Fire to the Police!

Happy 1312, comrades!

For many of us, today is a day for celebrating and getting motivated about the fight against authority, for example by coming together in events such as this one in Gothenburg tonight. But this is also a fight that needs to be fought every day, in our day-to-day lives, in our workplaces and outside. And it does not have to be serious all the time, it can also be playful and fun!

And it is in this spirit we would like to make the zine containing the “Fire To The Police” diorama pictured above available for download. It was created by the amazing Post-Romantic Queerwave, who was kind enough to let us use it.

Print it, cut it out, color it, and put it on a shelf – by yourself, with your friends, with your kids, or any other constellation of your choice.

Download the Fire To The Police zine here.